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Burn it Out & Vinyasa Flow with Eva

As in classical yoga, the lesson ends with the final relaxation, Shavasana. Body and mind are given the opportunity to calm down completely for the time of the final relaxation, to relax and to surrender to the moment. 

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Sivananda with Lorena

Sivananda Yoga is a holistic yoga that is based on five principles: Approach
Yoga postures to improve blood circulation and flexibility, breathing exercises and release of energy in the body, complete relaxation of body and mind, vegetarian diet, thinking and meditation.
Sivananda yoga classes consist of a mix of breathing exercises and postures that revolve around 12 yoga postures.

Hatha yoga inspired by Katonah Yoga with Laura

In Katonah Yoga, Taoism, sacred geometry, mathematical principles, mythology, metaphors and natural laws are combined in order to achieve optimal organ and body function and to achieve spiritual knowledge and well-being.

Give yourself an hour to connect, realign, reorient, and recharge with yourself.

Women's yoga class with Victoria

Women who want to heal their menstrual cycle, women who have had a miscarriage and want to recover (physically and emotionally), before pregnancy, during pregnancy and postpartum (they can assist with their babies). At each stage we work on a specific theme: hormonal balance, pelvic floor, core, flexibility and strength, relaxation, breathing, etc. to help every woman feel comfortable and enjoy her personal process.

Iyengar Yoga with Victoria

Iyengar is a form of Hatha yoga that focuses on proper alignment and precise technique. Through slower movements and an emphasis on quality over quantity, Iyengar yoga combines asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath) to build strength, stamina, and flexibility. 

Special classes on Friday

On Friday we will open our space and offer different kind of classes of Yoga. Organizing special workshops for women, Mantras, Meditation and much more. Feel free to suscribe to our newsletter to be update!

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Die Kursangebote vom Lotus Yoga Zug sind abwechslungsreich, wohltuend und äußerst preiswert. Diejenigen jungen und motivierten Yogalehrer*innen, die ich bereits kennen gelernt habe, sind professionell, freundlich und sehr darum bemüht auf alle Teilnehmer*innen individuell einzugehen. Deshalb würde ich das Lotus Yoga Angebot Anfängern, genauso wie Fortgeschrittenen empfehlen. Besonders auch weil es die perfekte Mischung zwischen leichter Anstrengung und fokussierter Dehnung und Entspannung ist. Wenn ich genügend Zeit hätte, würde ich jede Stunde besuchen, weil ich mich nach jedem Mal Yoga gelassener, ausgeglichener und aufgetankt fühle! Danke!

Tessa Henggeler